Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My life these past few days....

dear dudes and chicks,

Okay, I know it's been like so ages I didn't 'visit' my blog. Heh , I know I'm not that important.. I don't know what else to share here, because I'm already "died". But today I'm too bored so I just decided to 'see' my blog.. *Dah berhabukkk dohh .hahha Trust me!! Lol. Now, I am so sad. because of my final exam results for this time was not really good *Sigh . I think this is more hurt THAN break ups with Boyfriend. haha, I'm serious about this, k? I don't know why I care much about this result.. I'm afraid to tell my Mama but I've done it by telling Abah and looks like Abah cool with it . I'm not FAIL, it-just-my-marks.. I tried to just forget about it But I can't..
I'm so stressed out--need to go shopping. HAHAHA