Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy father's day, Abah.t

~Saya dan Abah saya~

Today is father's day, here some conversation Abah with me.

I called abah...

Me- Abah, call balik... call balik.. call balikkkkkk..

Abah- Ye, okay. Jap..

--------------------------few seconds later-----------------------------

Me- Hello, Abah Happy father's day. I love you.

Abah- Thank you. I love you too..

Suddenly Abah turned into laugh..

Abah- Hahahaha. Dia yang nak wish Abah " Father's Day" , suh Abah pulak call.

Me- Heh.. Sbb I'm out of credit , tadi pun credit ada sikit. tu yang cakap lajuu lajuuu tu. Ala, abah kan pakai bill. Heh :P blablablablablaaaaaa. Ok tu je la. Abah, I rindu Abah.. :\


Although, I got lil sister but I'm still Abah's lil princess. kankan? Haha, No one can take my place. muehehe This is not a fake story atau pun rekaan semata-mata. Lol.

Because I still remember this moment. Abah kissed on my forehead and suddenly dia cakap ;-

Abah- Busuk lah. you tak mandi lagi?

Me- Tak.. Hahaha* Kejap lagi orang mandi la..

Abah- Diana.. Diana..

Me- baru pukul 9. Ala abah.. Whatever it is busuk ke tak busuk ke.
. I'm still your lil princess kan?

Abah- Yes you are :)

Me- :)

P/s= I love you to death, Abah. and I love mama too <3