Saturday, June 18, 2011

Suddenly I'm burst into tears.............

~What if he never comes back? Is it worth waiting for?~

I miss you. I miss the old you. I want back the old days. I miss your smile, but I miss my own more. After you left me, my smiles sour as hell, a day feels like a year. I'm hurt, because every morning I wake up alone . Everyday, I'm waiting for all morning messages from you like usual. But NO message from you. I miss this message "I'm going to work. I love you. Tke cre". you always sent to me those messages even you know that I'm still on my dreamland. Although, you're still on work.. you always called me just wanna say "Imissyou". I still remember, the night you called me at just wanna say "Imissyou" and you cried because you can't handle your emotion that you really missed me. I wish this is just a nightmare but when I woke up, I realized.. This is reality.. and you know what? I still do this, " You're my first thought when I woke up and you are my last thought before I went to bed :\" you're in my mind 24hours. I'm wondering if you still care about me? This pain is really killing me softly. Seriously, I wish I could turn back the time and stop it..! I want to be with you everyday , I've told you 'All I wanna do grow old with you' , but now? I'm gonna grow old alone.. Where's your promises? Where is yours "I'm not gonna leave you." , "I'll be with you".

P/s= Typing this while my tears dripping.