Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rindu (Part III)

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone.

Okay here is for the Rindu (Part 3). Before this, I updated about people I missed the most. Now it's a lil different than before. It's about I miss being a kid.

Do you guys ever feel miss being a kids again? Like seriously, I missed each and every moment as I being a kid. I don't know how the feeling of being dumped , being broken, heart damaged. All I know is every day is happy, even when Abah won't let me to buy toys that I really want and I only cried for one day. For the next day, when I woke up. I forgot why I cried yesterday.

This is a veryyyyyy quickie update, I don't know what to write else, my brain won't work at this moment. But surely, this is what I feel. And yeah now I am tired to death. I need a massage. Setiap hari drive jauh-jauh, Perak la , KL la, jalan jammed, tension.  I think I should wake up a lil bit late tomorrow. Yeah, this is my award. K Bye

Comel kan aku masa kecik2? Hahhaha :P